Raise the Green

Christ the King Roman Catholic School first opened in 1949, and has served several generations of students and the Denver community since that time. Over the years, our school families, parishioners and other benefactors have made it possible for us to improve our buildings and grounds, so that we can offer a beautiful academic and spiritual environment.

Our school has a mission to assist parents in forming the whole child – academically, spiritually and physically. We strongly believe that a student’s connection with the outdoors enhances their education greatly. In the past, our playground area has been a concrete parking lot and lacked a desirable green space. Because of this, a group of dedicated parents and staff members researched and developed plans to improve this space by adding an artificial turf field and a natural outdoor classroom space. 

Raise the Green! was a fundraiser, in conjunction with Spring Spirits  and Fall Fest 2013, that aimed to improve the outdoor space for our students and future Christ the King children. The installation of an artificial green turf field was the first phase of the project, completed in the summer of 2013.  This green, safe, durable and environmentally-friendly surface has moved the kids off the blacktop, making play more fun while saving a few elbows and knees! In addition, Phase II of the project, completed in 2014, was the installation of an area that reflects our Colorado environment and serves as an outdoor classroom.  These upgrades will not only encourage physical fitness and activity, but will contribute to an on-campus outdoor learning environment.

I am delighted  that our campus has been improved through the installation of this wonderful turf field for our students and our entire parish to enjoy. I can envision a multitude of uses for a field like this. In addition, it provides an added attraction as prospective parents check out our facilities while searching for a school for their children. Most importantly, I know our CK students will get many hours of enjoyment and physical activity as they use this new field during the school year.  I am also thrilled that we were able to complete Phase II of this project, so that staff and students can benefit from a wonderful outdoor education area. Many thanks to all our wonderful benefactors for making these great spaces a reality!

-Mrs. Hensen, Principal

A turf field pays multiple dividends to the CK community in enhanced safety and reduction of injuries. Being able to learn and play outdoor sports - especially lacrosse, soccer and touch football - is invaluable to our P.E. program. Having a quality turf field is a proven motivator for students to enthusiastically embrace and participate in P.E. curriculum.

-Dr. Matt Bergles, P.E. Instructor

“Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted.”  GARRISON KEILLOR, Leaving Home