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Mission and Philosophy

Guided by the Gospel and our Catholic faith, the mission of Christ the King Roman Catholic School is to develop servant leaders who are compassionate, self-motivated critical thinkers who possess a desire for life-long academic achievement and civic responsibility. The community of Christ the King is dedicated to forming the whole child to know, to love, to serve, to lead and to grow.

Christ the King Roman Catholic School provides a learning environment that promotes academic excellence, fosters mutual respect, develops social responsibility and encourages personal growth. Being both a Catholic institution, generously supported by Christ the King parishioners, and a neighborhood school, we warmly welcome students of any creed, gender, nationality or ethnicity.

Our kindergarten through eighth grade academic program emphasizes mathematics, reading, writing, and science. Each teacher in every class encourages students to view the world through the lens of our Catholic faith. We also provide a wide variety of courses and activities designed to help children acquire the skills needed for creative expression, critical thinking, and language development.

Our preschool meets the developmental and academic needs of young children through a balanced and nurturing curriculum. The program is designed to promote emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth, as well as to prepare students for an enriched and successful kindergarten experience. 

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