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Extracurricular Activities

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade participate in Arts and Physical Education on a rotating basis. We believe that arts and physical education classes contribute to students' development as a life-long learner.

At Christ the King, arts classes include art, music, world language, and computer science. Depending on the grade-level, students will have two or more of each arts class per week.

Special events for arts include:

  • Arts Alive! 

  • Spanish Heritage celebrations

  • School play

  • Art competitions

  • Jump Rope for Heart 

Learn more about Christ the King's extracurricular activities.

Physical Education

In primary grades (K-2), each physical education class involves a stretch routine, a fitness challenge, and a variety of organized games.  A jump rope unit is taught during second trimester after which students participate in Jump Rope for Heart to learn about their own heart health, as well as helping others in their community. During third trimester, a stunts and tumbling unit provides body awareness activities, including rope climbing and swinging.  Positive socialization and basic problem-solving techniques between classmates are taught and practiced.

The curriculum for 3rd through 5th grade also involves a stretch routine, a fitness challenge, and games.  Lead-up games for team handball, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, flag football, and baseball are included. Team sports are introduced and socialization and sportsmanship continue to be developed.  Sport skills are demonstrated and used during game play, and participation in the Catholic Schools Athletic League is encouraged. A jump rope skills unit is presented during the second trimester.  This age group also participates in Jump Rope for Heart.  During third trimester, students take fitness tests based on standards set by the President's Council on Physical Fitness. The five fitness tests allow our students to compare their fitness with students throughout the United States. 

The middle school physical education curriculum emphasizes physical fitness, skill-related team sports and developmentally appropriate games. Personal fitness, sportsmanship, and peer socialization are important goals in the gym setting. Students are required to participate in the President's Council on Physical Fitness testing each spring and all middle school students help the community by participating in the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart.  


Beginning in pre-kindergarten, students are introduced to materials, mediums and techniques that are progressively more complicated and challenging.  Famous artists and artworks are used through slides and photocopies as an introduction to various artistic styles.  Areas of concentration include art appreciation, understanding and using basic drawing skills, positive and negative space, and perspective; painting and color theory are introduced. Students focus on developing an individual style, and understanding and appreciating cultures through art.   


Students gain an understanding of music history, literature, and theory by participating in singing, rhythmic movement, listening, and playing various melody and rhythm instruments.  Through these activities, students come to understand the musical concepts of rhythm, melody, form, harmony, and style. Early grades start by singing standard religious and Folk Songs.  Later grades explore more complex rhythms and melodies in songs and dances of America and other cultures.  In addition to singing and playing music, Middle School students read, write, and discuss various music styles of composers and music eras.  


Listening, speaking, and cultural awareness is necessary to build a strong foundation for the future study of Spanish. Our curriculum for K-8th grade is designed to meet or exceed the Colorado standards for foreign language education.

Our Spanish program was expanded in 2007 to include lessons for both of the preschool classes.  Students are immersed daily in the language through songs, vocabulary, and activities for the early learner.  Themes introduced are shapes, colors, family, animals, weather, numbers, religious terms for the holy family and prayer, and festive days of the year.

At the primary level, students are using Muzzy the BBC Language Course for Children and ¡Viva el español! McGraw-Hill Education as textbooks to meet our curriculum guidelines.  Our focus is on the development of listening and speaking skills; writing and reading skills will be introduced later. ¡Viva el español! has the Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS) technique as part of each unit.

Through the use of conversational dialogue, basic vocabulary is developed. Reading and writing skills are incorporated. A strong foundation in basic Spanish grammar is established. In addition to the text and accompanying workbook, internet resources and audio/visual supplementary materials are used.

For middle school, this course continues to build on the skills introduced in Level 1. An emphasis is placed on vocabulary building and the comprehensive study of language and grammar is presented. Students who successfully complete this course are well prepared to study second-year Spanish in high school and many students test into higher levels.

Computer Technology

Computer activities are used to enhance the units being studied in other subject areas, and develop keyboard skills and fluency in several software programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.  Use of the online Lexia Reading Program is used to enhance reading skills as well as Reflex Math to promote math fluency for younger grades. 

In the primary grades (K-2), educational games are often used to develop keyboard and mouse skills, as well as to provide reinforcement for visual learners in content from other subject areas.

Intermediate students (3-5) use programs such as Typing Tutor 10 and SpongeBob Typing to enhance their keyboarding skills for middle school and beyond.

Middle school students learn advanced techniques in Microsoft Office and use GIMP and Audacity programs to gain skills in digital airbrushing, gif animation, and sound editing.

Festival of Nations

“I just went to Festival of Nations. It was so cool. Positivity and innocence abound at CK and I'm very grateful for it. The kids are bombarded with such awful stuff in society today. I feel like CK is their refuge. Thank you for all you do for the kids!”


Shannon, CK Parent 

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