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Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades

Our elementary school students in kindergarten, first, and second grades build on the strong foundation started in preschool to develop the skills and self-confidence to excel and mature through later grades.  We strive to develop the whole child in all subject areas.  By the completion of second grade, our students are well prepared for the rigors of the intermediate level.

Our Approach

We provide a safe and loving environment where all children can thrive.  Following the Archdiocesan Curriculum, we provide a structured academic learning environment.  The children participate in group and individual activities, and experiential learning. These activities enhance their growth and development as they learn to be well-rounded students – spiritually, academically, socially and physically.


In addition to our core curriculum areas, Theology, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, students also take Spanish, Music, Art, Computer, and P.E. During the primary years, each grade focuses on a yearly theme including the development of etiquette in Kindergarten, love and respect for the environment and the world in first grade, and global citizenship skills in second grade. 

Catholic Faith Formation

Our Catholic faith guides everything we do and allows us to partner with parents to develop generous, kind, and responsible young students.  Children in second grade prepare for and receive First Reconciliation.

Special Projects & Activities

  • Field Day

  • Anderson Farms field trip (K-2)

  • Kindergarten Teddy Bear Tea - students dress up and learn table etiquette

  • Kindergarten Star of the Week - take home sheets highlight student interests and are presented to the class

  • 1st Grade Mother's Day Tea - Moms enjoy a special afternoon with the students

  • Family Tree Project

  • 2nd Grade Planet Nonfiction Book reports

  • Students learn about and celebrate Chinese New Year, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, and more

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