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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Christ the King Roman Catholic School!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our school as you make an important decision for your family. As a parent myself, I have great appreciation for all that goes into finding the best school for your child.
One of the questions I am most often asked by prospective families is: “Why do people choose Christ the King?” Without hesitation our past and present families will say it is our CK community. They are not wrong. Christ the King is more than just a school—it is home. The feeling of love, acceptance, and excellence are palpable from the moment you walk through our front doors. 

Our Classrooms
For over 70 years, Christ the King has provided students an environment where they can develop their academic ability, nurture their spirituality, and cultivate their desire to serve others. With just one classroom per grade, we enroll approximately 200 students each year. Our average student-teacher ratio is 17:1 which affords our teachers the time to truly get to know each child and to understand their unique needs, learning style, interests, and abilities. We are proud to form the whole child: mind, body and spirit, each and every day. 


Our Teachers
Integral to any school community are the teachers, and we have some of the best! Aside from having the heart and intrinsic motivation required to educate our students, our teachers have the experience necessary to design highly rigorous and academic classrooms that challenge our students to take an active role in learning. Collectively, our teachers boast 429 years of combined teaching experience, 252 years of that time has been dedicated to Christ the King. In fact, three of our teachers have been here for 38 years! Our teachers love our CK community, and it shows. 


Student Success

Graduates of Christ the King are easily identified as confident, positive, and well-prepared high school candidates.  Our students test well above students in surrounding districts and across the state. For example, in 2022, 88% of Christ the King 4th graders met or exceeded expectations on standardized tests compared to only 38% of 4th graders in Denver Public Schools. Our 8th graders consistently score at or above 12th grade reading level on standardized tests and 97% of our 8th graders are algebra-ready in September of each year. 

We pride ourselves on educating our future by preparing students academically, socially and spiritually. We offer a values-based education where we strive to know, love, serve, lead and grow. God’s love is abundant and visible. Our pastor, Father Rocco Porter will tell you that we “show love, dignity, and respect to every person." Nobody is a stranger in these halls. 

Christ the King is truly a second family to everyone who attends and we value the close relationships we have with our families—past, present and future. I invite you to come and visit our school where I am confident that you will feel the love of CK and our Ram pride as you walk our halls. 

Wishing you and your family God’s direction and blessings as you explore options for your child’s education!

Kili Gruber Hady

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